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We are Lov’n It Live, located at 2796 East Point Street, in the heart of the downtown business district of East Point, Georgia, ten minutes from Atlanta. Lov’n It Live is the leader in organic living and vegan cuisine and we prepare our food fresh daily. 

The Story of

Lov'n it Live

We believe that our food is our medicine and we make it our heartfelt commitment never to compromise the quality of our food. Let Lov’n It Live take you to a world where good food is actually good for you! Come to visit us and experience our delicious, organic, living cuisine.

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This scrumptious slice is made with kamut
bread, topped with spinach, tomato sauce,
pine nut cheese, onions, chopped tomatoes,
black olives, Sage crumbles and red bell
peppers. Bursting with flavor, this is pizza at
it’s finest!.



Wondrous mixture of avocado, wild rice,
herbs, onions, celery, bell peppers, and
tomatoes over mixed greens



Avocado, nutmeat, bell peppers & Pico de Gallo



Marinated broccoli, cauliflower, carrot,
squash, onions & bell peppers served over
greens OR bulgur rice seasoned with onions &
red peppers. Served warm. Wild rice add’l $3


We Believe

Food Is Important

“Let Food Be your Medicine
Let Medicine Be your Food”  Imhoptep