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The Organic Living foods Instinct Preparation course

Experience superb Health and metal clarity for you and your family by learning the art of creting nutrious, living foods. Each class is a 10 (Ten) hour hands-on experience. Providing you with the opportunity to explore and create Ogranic Raw Foods. Classes include meals, educational/informational literture, raw food support group meetings and directory.

Hue' niversity Classes

Note: Every student must take the food and equipment cleaning, handling, operating and safety technique course.

General course Experience

Courses include but not linted to the following…………….

Salad Preparation Beneficial Greens Juices Fruit Pies Jamaican Patty
Soaking & Sprouting Lemonade, Orange, Apple and Pear Juices Cookies Casseroles
Spice Making Liver & Colon Flush Brownies Battered Vegetables
Creative Plate Design (Food Color/ Texture Techniques) Radical Detox Cheesecake Nut Meats
Sauces, Cheeses, Dips, Dressings & Puree Irish Moss Ice Cream Burgers
Bread & Cracker Making Sorrell Platains Spaghetti
Smothies Chips Tostaso